Santoni at Sir Anthony in Vienna’s First District

At Sir Anthony we stock the world famous Italian Santoni shoes. We know all about specialised work and quality at Sir Anthony and the elements of perfection and creativity which are Santoni shoes.

Made in Italy

Santoni shoes are the perfect fit for every foot. The selection goes from classic welted shoes with leather soles to a more sporty shoe in the AMG edition. In very fine materials like croc, ostrich with fur lining to mention but a few, Santoni shoes leave no wish unfulfilled in comfort and style.

A matching belt for your shoes

Subtle luxury and the finest of handwork can really be felt in Santoni shoes – quality and durability. There’s only top class materials used in these wonderfully classy shoes. And of course there is always a matching belt.

Come and see us in our shops or if you would like to make an appointment, please call +43 (0)1 5126835 for your special appointment.

We are looking forward to your visit to Sir Anthony!

Shoes and belts by Santoni at Sir Anthony – the gentleman’s outfitter in Vienna.